• Waste Management Division

    West Coast Municipal Waste Management Division was introduced in 2007 through a five year contract with Abu Dhabi Municipality covering the north eastern region ... more

  • Genral Cleaning Division

    Our scope of services cover all aspects of general cleaning activities consisting of dusting, washing, pressure washing, polishing surfaces, washing of walls and rooftops ... more

  • Workforce & Resources / QHSE

    The Company has the capacity, experience and the infrastructure to deliver the work requirements ... more

Welcome ...

West Coast is a leading independent cleaning & waste management service provider in the United Arab Emirates. The origins of the name are derived from the very same elements that shape the environment.

Established in the year 2000 by Mr Bashar Al Mahaini. Mr Al Mahaini has more than 35 years of restorative cleaning experience.

Experts in Every Area

A combination of experienced management targeting clear objectives and conscientious personnel are the essentials necessary to provide clients with a high quality and costeffective service - one where the reality will match or exceed their expectations.

As a result of this motive West Coast has maintained the same contracts within a stable base over a long period.

Our Reach

The core objective is 'customer care', which is applied by means of an intensive management and supervisory contract control system... see more